Full stack application seed in your own way

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Choose the right tech for your project: preferred language, database engine, frontend stack and theme. Based on your selection AppSeed will provide a fully usable project to help you start fast. Wanna try ? keep scroling ..

AppSeed helps you to focus on what's more important for you: Your PRODUCT.

A full stack project seed based on your selection: database engine, your favorite app framework and GUI layer.
Bonus: scripts to speed up your dev & production deployment. Why loosing time with small mistakes ? Let us help you.

Our offer follows precisely your needs & budget. Have a look and choose what fits your needs.

<Basic>    The server + database setup + front end.    199 $ (email support)
<Theme Integration>    The server + database setup + front end + theme integration.    299 $ (email support)
<Premium>    Server + database setup + front end + theme + deployment.    499 $ ( 24/7 support )
<Extra Support>    Aplicable to Basic & Theme Integration.    99 $ ( 24/7 support )

It's easy to set up, don't worry. Just follow the steps:

<Configure>    Choose your flavor: language, database engine and WEB stack.
<Submit>    All set up ? Thanks to confirm the request.
<Payment>    A PayPal receipt will be shipped on email address you provide.
<Delivery>    In max 12h your project seed is up & running. Nice & easy !

Let's hit the road

<Frameworks>    The server languages: Php or Python + Framework.   
<Database>    The SQL languages: MySql, PostgreSQL.   
<Frontend>    Please select your GUI stack. Options are:   
<App Theme>    Thanks to provide the link to your favorite theme.   
<Development>    We will prepare the project for your tooling. Your choice is:   
<Deploy>    Hold on, your deployment will be faster than a Boeing.   
<Price Plan>    Choose what's best for you and your product.   

Not convinced ? Thanks to have a look on our blog | Skype: rosoftcontact
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