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HTML component extraction for CodeIgnier, Laravel and Flask

Hello Gents, 

Adi here, from AppSeed.

I want to share with you a presentation of our internal HTML theme parsing tool cutting and extracting a LIVE Website: - mobile stuff

The video shows the following:

1. clone locally the website. The tool supports also live parsing without dw the website, but this time we decide to go with the basisc :)

2. Assets [js, css and images] are extracted from the target website

3. The tool list all detected sections [ top, call to action, footer .. ]

4. Hardcoded texts are stripped from the components and saved in a Json for later use

5. The extracted component is saved in native HTML first and translated to a component for CodeIgniter, Laravel, and Flask. 

This tool helps us to integrate a brand new HTML theme in less than 10min in out backends written in Flask, CodeIgniter and Laravel. 

Because we want to expose the tool to developers, in the near future, don't hesitate to suggest any cool feature. We will review it carefully and announce in the community if suggested the suggested feature will be included in out development roadmap.

Feel free to read more about the [genesis of this tool] or the [features released in the first version].


Adi - 

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