Joey wants a new website


Do you know Joey? Everybody knows Joey.

Joey's story

Joey wants a new website:

  1. - For his new idea. 
  2. - For a friend or a new client.
  3. - He wants an MVP for a random startup accelerator
  4. - Or a fast way to go online. 

He does not have too much time and never liked building backends. 

Or even frontend. 

He wondered on some websites: Wix, Weebly, GoDaddyBut, he didn't like the default themes.

So he found some nice themes online. On a website like

Joey's questions

Joey had some questions when he did his research: 

  1. How to build a backend?
  2. How to deploy it?
  3. And how to change the frontend?
  4. What is the best hosting?

That's just the short list. 

Joey is a lucky guy and has some good frontend skills. 

CSS was his first love. 

But how about your skills?

If you have some time to master the full stack is amazing and that could open up a lot of doors. 

On the other hand, Joey wanted to accelerate delivery and he found that he will like to spend just a little bit on shaping content and CSS. 

After that to deploy and have an MVP ready after just a week. 

Joey's answers

With AppSeed Joey found that he has a generated app linked to a backend.

Just enough to kickstart his idea. 

What else he already found in place?

  1. - Authentication, Registration
  2. (Trumbowyg) WYSIWYG for editing
  3. - Authenticated users can add/update or remove content
  4. - SEO friendly content 
  5. - Plugins already integrated: RECAPTCHA, Google Analytics, Code Pretiffy, Facebook Comments 

You and Joey can see more on our opensource account on [Link Github] and every piece of feedback has immense value. 

And each share and referral is highly appreciated. 

Joey's conclusion

Each time you think about Joey remember what AppSeed helped him with: 

Instantly transformed his favorite HTML report into an amazing product! That's AppSeed!

By the way, did I mentioned that Joey loved the fact that he can download the full source code?

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