Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy or .. AppSeed


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From the start, I must say that all website builders that dominate the market right now, did a great job and I mean it.

I've recently experienced Wix builder and I was really impressed. The GUI is simple and intuitive, so the user can drag and resize all elements with ease.  WIX team did a really good job regarding that aspect. 

Compared to the other players on the market, Wix looks different. In a good sense. 

Moving forward this discussion,  let's have a list of pros and cons.

Pros of current website builders (Wix, GoDaddy, Weebly): 

- The user gets his website fast. Around 30 minutes and you can have your own basic website. To deal with the rest of functional stuff (mail, texts, images and the like) maybe another 1h is enough. Cool!

Pricing: WIX has the best plan: it's free! That free means your website is hosted on a subdomain,  but ads are injected on the site (maybe it's not a concern for you).

Deployment: instant


Your website cannot be moved. Yep, you are tied forever to WIX, GoDaddy or any other provider you choose to build your website with.

Your website has no SEO (search engine optimization). Why? For your website to be visually customizable, JavaScript is used underneath. Google or any other search engine will not execute JavaScript code. As a consequence, your website will not be present among relevant information in any user search related to your website. Yep, that's a fact. Also, indexing a subdomain is less important from a search engine perspective.  

Your website  look & feelAll website builders use a limited stock of templates. The most "good looking" template is used more frequently so there are big chances to have a website with a look similar to many others.

Why AppSeed?

AppSeed have a different approach:  user can choose ANY theme from any provider (ThemeForest, TemplateMonster or Creative-Tim) and based on that, AppSeed builds a functional web app with login, database and even RECAPTCHA on forms  

Just for the sake of fair-play, I will start with cons of using AppSeed:

AppSeed can deliver a website in few hours. Yep, not instantly because we need to validate the automatic theme parsing. We prefer to do extra work but to provide higher customer satisfaction.

AppSeed is very young. Even if it's growing very fast it's still in the first year. It compensates with a lot of energy. :)

 Pros of using AppSeed:

The future website can be moved because  ... it's yours. Also, users can choose between Php, Python and (soon) JavaScript to build the website. AppSeed can generate the same web app in any language.

- SEO aspects.  AppSeed generates the website in HTML, so Google will love it. Or Alexa .. or any other search engine.

- PricingOrder on AppSeed is cheaper because we are "underdogs" in this game.

Thanks for having a look at our engine on [Link]

We strive to deliver quality for all customers.


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